Permanent Makeup

I take a conservative, natural looking approach where permanent make up should create features that are you, just complete and symmetrical allowing you to wake up with make up. All procedures are preformed in my pristine, properly
NJ State regulated Permanent Make Up Studio.


Stardust Powder Brow

This is a special technique that aims for the softest possible outcome! It is a soft, dusty powdered style brow design that will heal to a gorgeous soft finish. It allows me to customize styles and shading techniques for specific looks such as a very light, soft shading to an Ombre` effect. This is also a great option for those with oily skin where Microblading isn’t the best option.


Aquarelle Lip Blush

This procedure enhances the natural shape of your lips, defines the contour, gives them a boost of vitality and natural look of a blush of color. No longer will you need to remember to take your favorite lipstick with you as that fresh youthful vibrancy is now maintained. Gone are the worries about lipstick smudging onto your teeth or bleeding into your lip line.  Simply Gloss & Go!



Lash Line Enhancement

This involves tattooing an ultra thin black or dark brown line along the top lash line to create the illusion of fuller, darker, thicker lashes for a natural, youthful, eye opening effect. Not only does it define and beautify the eyes, but it also provides convenience for those busy mornings when you don’t have time to slow down and give it the attention it needs! Additionally, permanent eyeliner can be exceptionally helpful for those with vision problems or unsteady hands.



Full Eyeliner

This takes the Lash Line Enhancement to the next level. Take everything the Lash Line Enhancement has to offer an adds a slightly thicker line across the lashes and a subtle wing to softly enhance the outer corner of your eye.




ColorBoost Maintenance

Eyebrows •  (6-9 Months  (12-18 Months)

Lip Blush        Lash Line Enhancement

Full Eyeliner

All of your beautiful permanent make up has to be maintained on a yearly or so basis to keep it fresh and vibrant. Are you adding a colored lip gloss to see your Lip Blush, an eyebrow pencil to fill in your Brows some, or is your Eyeliner not looking as crisp? Then it is time for a Boost!!

The overall design will be addressed and sharpened, the color revitalized and you can put your cosmetics to the side again! If it has been more than 18 months since your last procedure the price will be determined dependent on how many sessions will be required to reach the desired result.

This service is for procedures which were originally created by Lisa and NOT by another artist.



Look Into My Eyes

Stardust Powder Brow or Microblading, Lash Line Enhancement & a Lash Lift as the finishing touch to have carefree and complete eyes at a packaged discount.   Includes initial and perfection session of permanent make up procedures and one lash lift procedure.




Ink + Beauty Masterpiece

This is the Ultimate Package to be carefree and complete each morning!  Stardust Powder Brow or Microblading, Lash Line Enhancement, Aquarelle Lip Blush & a Lash Lift as the finishing touch at a packaged discount.Includes initial and perfection session of permanent make up procedures and one lash lift procedure.

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Ready for a beautiful new you? We accept the #CareCredit credit card to help pay for your favorite treatments or procedures at our office. Ask us for details!

Before & After


What Our Clients Say


I am soooooo happy with the way my microblading came out! I keep looking in the mirror and admiring them!

Debbie S.

My friend Jacqueline and I always talk about how passionate and amazing Lisa is, we wouldn't really trust anyone else!

Kim T.

Having my eyebrows microbladed has been so liberating! And it actually looks like real hair!

Marissa L.