Permanent Make-Up FAQ’s

Permanent Make-Up FAQ’s

Permanent Cosmetics FAQ's

I perform my procedures under sterile conditions at my Board of Health Certified Studio using only single use, disposable microblading tools, needle cartridges and with a digitally controlled implantation device. There are no long-term side effects; short-term effects may include some redness, swelling, and tenderness. There are no known allergic reactions to pigments.

All of the pigments I use are certified vegan, gamma ray sterilized and are never tested on animals.  They are manufactured in the USA and are certified Worldwide to ensure the best possible result.

Any perspiration or over exertion will compromise the work of art I have just placed in your skin. SALT is used to REMOVE pigment, and hundreds of talented, educated technicians have all been documenting results that have shown a DRAMATIC improvement in retaining pigment if you can make this commitment to the healing time. Please don’t book if you can’t make this commitment. Remember, it is just as important to me that your permanent makeup heals beautifully!

This varies from person to person.  A topical anesthetic is applied prior to and during each procedure to numb the epidermis. Each person might have an area that is more sensitive than another, although I try to keep you comfortable and relaxed. Clients usually have an idea how well they numb based on their experience at the dentist. I have never had a client not complete their procedure due to feeling uncomfortable.  I’m often told, “I can feel it a little but it’s not anything that would keep me from having my permanent make up done.”

Although most people feel they can return to work or other daily activities immediately; there may be some redness, slight swelling and the area treated may have a thin crust for 7-15 days. The healing process varies from person to person and depends on the procedure performed.

You will hear me say repeatedly, “I can add more, I cannot take it away.”  This is exactly what the Perfection Session is for. 

– To make any necessary adjustments. 

– To ensure that you are satisfied with the results following completion of the healing process. 

– Reset pigment that didn’t stay.

The follow up is highly recommended to achieve perfect results and needs to be completed within 2 months of your initial treatment.

Is your skin oily, have large pores, wrinkled or have sun damaged?

 If the answer is YES, Stardust Powder Brow will be BEAUTIFUL for you for many years. You are NOT a candidate for the hair stroke technique. Your skin type will simply not allow the hair strokes to heal beautifully within the skin. They tend to blur and often look powdery anyway. We want you to have a realistic expectation of the end result and I will be honest with you regarding the style brow I believe you will be most happy with.

If you are someone looking for an easier way to a consistently beautiful appearance which looks natural in enhancing the contours of your face, then you would be a good candidate. Permanent makeup is for anybody who buys makeup or who doesn’t like the time and effort required to apply, re-apply, and remove it every day at multiple points in the day.  Basically, you will be giving yourself a great way to look good 24/7 and save time.  It  is also a perfect solution for anybody who has allergies to ingredients found in topical makeup, has vision problems, or difficulties with their motor skills. It’s very difficult to apply eyeliner, eyebrows, and lipstick if you have tremors or shaky hands, or you just can’t see close up. Permanent makeup will make your life easier.

Still have a question that wasn’t answered?  I’m only an email or phone call away, I look forward to hearing from you!