Why You Should Give a DAAM?!

Why You Should Give a DAAM?!


Microbladed Brows, Microfeathered Brows, Powdered brows, they are all permanent make up. Women want to achieve the look of full eyebrows which are as close to perfect as possible without spending all the extra time in the morning with cosmetics. The beauty industry has been pressured with this demand to offer Microblading, one of the most sought after and most beautiful forms of permanent cosmetics that can finally give you those full, wake up and go eyebrows everyone desires.


The ability on the practitioner’s part to provide this service does not come easy… or does it? For some it does and here is why you should raise your NOT YET microbladed eyebrows and give a DAAM!


DAAM or Diplomat of the American Academy of Micropigmentation is the official certification required in the state of New Jersey to practice all forms of permanent cosmetics including microblading. The candidate is required to obtain authorized training, pass strategic exams and uphold these standards in years to come in order to hold this honor. I not only hold a Diplomat status but also the status of Fellow which means I am also a member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation. Just to go the extra mile to be sure my clients only receive the best, I am also a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional (CPCP) with the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. This is another internationally recognized certification which upholds high standards to become a member. Both of these leading industry organizations allow me to stay on the forefront of techniques, regulations and remain consistent with bringing superior services to my clients.


If you hear my “brow girl” took a two day course and is now offering microblading at my “brow place” for only $350, you have to see her…… Please Run! Ladies, this is your beautiful face, this is permanent. Do your research, be informed and be aware of what it truly takes to be the creator of your most Alluring Brows Yet!